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From its origins as an online publication tracking the movements of global contemporary art, GLOBAL ART DAILY™ is pleased to announce the launch of its first womanswear Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Contemporary art and avant-garde fashion have grown closer and closer in recent seasons and years, and in this vain, this collection aims to showcase how contemporary art can use fashion as medium. Each GLOBAL ART DAILY™ collection will center around a new city and will bring to light its socio-political message on artistically-minded garments.

GLOBAL ART DAILY™ x abu dhabi (F/W 2017) is GLOBAL ART DAILY™'s debut collection centering around the city of Abu Dhabi. With a collection of luxe streetwear, the line aims to bridge traditionally ornamented Emirati abaya and effortless Los Angeles airport style. While Kanye West claims that Calabasas is the New Abu Dhabi*, we would like to rethink how Abu Dhabi could be a new Calabasas.

All proudly made in the UAE, each garment is made sourcing the country's finest silk and velvets. Tees are also printed in the UAE.

The collection is a continuation of GLOBAL ART DAILY™'s efforts to test cross-cultural dialogues in the creative industry.

*'The place somewhere outside of some city. This is the dirt of that limit. The pulverized stone crushed into microprocessors. This is the face of that limit. The scaffolding that holds up a network of desire. This is the machine of that limit. A nondescriptive office designing apparel for the 21st century. This is New Abu Dhabi.’ – Kanye West, for Berlin-based 032c magazine, November 2016 ‘Calabasas’ issue.